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As a plant mom, I'm always looking for the next best products to keep my plants healthy. After trying several different brands, I found Blooms and haven't looked back since. So glad I've found their treatments.

Jenny F. (Plant Mom)

I'm new to the plant world, but Blooms has made plant care a breeze - it's the only product I use because it's simple and it works. Takes any guess work out of caring for my new plants.

Kenzie J. (Plant Amateur)

I can't believe how much Blooms has transformed my garden! Not only is it completely safe for my herbs, but it has doubled the growth of my plants in just a few weeks. What a game changer! Also really fun to watch my garden grow so fast!

Marcus D. (Home Gardener)

As a mom of young kids and pets, I'm always concerned about the safety of the products I use around my home. That's why I love Blooms - it's safe for both kids and pets. I can use it in my garden without worrying about any harmful chemicals harming my family.

Cara W. (Mom)

I've used several different plant fertilizers in the past, but none have come close to the quality and effectiveness of Blooms. It's a premium product that not only looks great on my counter, it works even better. I'm always impressed by how lush and healthy my plants look after using it.

Michael T. (Plant Enthusiast)


Easy to use on all of your favorite indoor and outdoor plants.


Packed with essential vitamins to encourage sustainable growth.

Proven Results

Backed by decades of
experienced growers
and plant enthusiasts.


Safe for your whole family,
including furry friends!


Our easy to use plant and soil treatments take the guess work out of nurturing your plants. Brighter blooms guaranteed in just 14 days!

Other Products

Doubles plant growth and improves
nutrient uptake

Versatile for all types of indoor and outdoor plants

No complicated treatment schedule

Improve soil structure and increases water holding capacity

BioBoost, the all-in-one soil treatment product that's perfect for all of your indoor and outdoor plants. Our advanced formula provides complete nutrition for optimal plant growth, improved soil health, stronger roots and bigger blooms.

Easy to use and suitable for all types of plants, BioBoost is the ultimate solution for all of your plant care needs.

Simply mix with water and apply to soil around the base of your plants, avoiding foliage.

Better Blooms Guaranteed.

Blooms is the ultimate plant care solution you can trust! Our unique and non-toxic formula delivers everything your indoor and outdoor plants need to thrive. With our advanced plant care treatments, you can say goodbye to stressful maintenance routines and hello to healthier, more vibrant plants. Guaranteed results or your money back!


Yes! Our products have more University and Independent research facility testing than anything of its kind on the market. If you'd like to learn more, you can contact us.

We do! If you need to place a large order or would like to discuss bulk purchases, contact us here and let us know what you're looking for.

All of our products are shipped in a secure box sealed with waterproof tape. We take every precaution to ensure that your Blooms products arrive exactly as intended. If your order showed up with an issue, contact us here.

Your order will ship 24 hours after your purchase is complete. You order will be mailed USPS Priority and should arrive in 2-4 business days. If you're experiencing issues with shipping, please contact us.

Order tracking is provided via text and email once your order has been shipped.

We currently do not provide international shipping and fulfillment. We only provide shipping and fulfillment services here in the USA (Domestic).

Yes, we will provide a full money back guarantee if you are unhappy with your purchase. We don't have many people take us up on it though because we stand by our products premium quality and ingredients

We accept returns on new, unopened, undamaged items in original packaging within 30 days from the order date. If you are missing an item or the item that you receive is damaged, then please contact us and we will send out a replacement free of any shipping costs to you. If a product is missing from your order, then please contact us and once we verify your claim, we will send the missing item to you. All orders are documented and weighed prior to shipping to avoid any fraudulent claims.