Christmas Plants and Flowers: 13 Choices Other Than Poinsettias

Christmas Plants and Flowers: 13 Choices Other Than Poinsettias

Explore a world beyond Poinsettias this Christmas with our guide to 13 alternative plants and flowers that can add unique charm and color to your festive decor. From the striking Amaryllis to the lush green Ivy, and the fragrant Gardenias, these selections offer a fresh take on holiday decorating. Learn about each plant's distinct beauty and how to care for them to keep your home vibrant and fragrant throughout the season. Discover eco-friendly and sustainable options, perfect for gifts or personal enjoyment, and find out how to combine these plants for a stunning visual impact. Embrace diversity in your holiday decor with these beautiful and enduring Christmas plant choices.
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Key Takeaways
Explore diverse and vibrant Christmas plants and flowers beyond the traditional Poinsettias.
Discover how to enhance your festive decor with a variety of blooms.
Learn about the care and maintenance of these festive plants.
Find links to high-quality gardening products and informative resources.

The holiday season is synonymous with the vibrant reds and greens of Poinsettias, but there's a whole world of Christmas plants and flowers waiting to add variety and charm to your festive decor. From the sweet fragrances of winter-blooming flowers to the lush greenery of seasonal plants, there are ample choices to brighten up your holiday home. Let's delve into 13 beautiful alternatives to Poinsettias that can bring a unique touch to your Christmas celebrations.

Winter Blooms: Colorful and Fragrant

  1. Amaryllis: Known for its striking trumpet-shaped flowers, Amaryllis blooms in various hues like red, white, pink, and even striped patterns. It's a perfect centerpiece for your holiday table.
  2. Christmas Cactus: Unlike its desert relatives, the Christmas Cactus thrives in cooler temperatures and blooms with vibrant, tubular flowers.
  3. Cyclamen: With heart-shaped leaves and delicate petals, Cyclamen adds a touch of elegance. Its pink, white, or red flowers can complement any Christmas theme.

Festive Foliage: Beyond the Traditional

  1. Ivy: Ivy, with its lush green leaves, can be draped around mantles or used in wreaths, offering a classic holiday feel.
  2. Rosemary: Shaped like a mini Christmas tree, Rosemary is not just for cooking! Its pine-like aroma and small blue flowers make it a festive addition.
  3. Holly: The quintessential Christmas plant, Holly’s red berries and glossy green leaves are a natural symbol of the holiday season.

Unconventional Choices: Unique and Eye-Catching

  1. Orchids: Exotic and elegant, Orchids can bring a sophisticated flair to your Christmas decorations.
  2. Anthuriums: Their heart-shaped, red or white spathes and contrasting green foliage offer a striking visual appeal.
  3. Kalanchoe: With clusters of small, vibrant flowers, Kalanchoe is a low-maintenance plant that adds a pop of color.

Enhancing Your Christmas Garden

  1. Paperwhites: These delicate white flowers are not only beautiful but also incredibly fragrant, adding a fresh scent to your holiday home.
  2. Hyacinths: Available in a range of colors, Hyacinths are known for their strong, sweet fragrance and dense flower clusters.

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  1. Norfolk Island Pine: Often used as a mini Christmas tree, this plant brings a traditional touch with an exotic twist.
  2. Lemon Cypress: This conifer, with its lemon-scented leaves and conical shape, is perfect for a mini holiday tree.

Decorating with Christmas Plants

When it comes to decorating, these plants offer endless possibilities. Drape Ivy around staircases, use Cyclamen for a pop of color on your windowsill, or create a centerpiece with Amaryllis. The versatility of these plants allows for creativity and personalization in your holiday decor.

Sustainable Christmas Choices

Opting for plants like Lemon Cypress or Norfolk Island Pine can be a sustainable choice, as they can be replanted or enjoyed year-round. Embracing sustainability during the holidays aligns with the eco-friendly ethos of GetBlooms, as detailed in their About Us page.

Gift Ideas: Plants as Perfect Presents

These Christmas plants make thoughtful gifts. Whether it's a potted Orchid for a loved one or a Rosemary plant for a culinary enthusiast, giving the gift of greenery is both unique and eco-friendly.

Shopping for Christmas Plants

Looking for these plants? GetBlooms offers a wide range of options in their online store. From festive blooms to year-round plants, you can find high-quality choices at GetBlooms' Collections.


Embracing alternative Christmas plants and flowers can transform your holiday decor, bringing new colors, fragrances, and styles to the forefront. Whether you're looking to create a traditional holiday atmosphere with Holly and Ivy or something more exotic with Orchids and Anthuriums, there's a plant to match every taste and style. By incorporating these plants into your holiday celebrations, you can create a festive ambiance that's both unique and memorable.

Remember, caring for your Christmas plants is crucial for their longevity and beauty. Visit for all your plant care needs, from BioBoost to expert advice on their FAQs page.

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